Advanced Practice Nursing Guide to the Neurological Exam

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Today's APN and PA programs have been allocating less time to the study of neurology, leaving new practitioners with an uncertain grasp of how to approach the neurologic patient. Here is a ""how to"" manual for knowledgably conducting the basic neurological examination and confidently applying exam findings to the interpretation of common neurologic symptoms. It explains all facets of the standard neuro exam that is conducted in a clinic or hospital setting including useful algorithms. The book then focuses on using the exam results to determine a likely diagnosis and/or area of concern for further diagnostic tests. The text presents both basic and advanced concepts related to the exam to foster a deeper understanding of the meaning and physiology underlying an abnormal finding. Step by step, the text describes how to conduct the exam and provides such visual aids as illustrations and diagrammatic representations of concepts. Algorithms bring a logical problem-solving approach to clinical thinking, and reference tables provide information at a glance for the busy practitioner. The book is particularly comprehensive in its presentation of two levels of academic depth.
This makes it beneficial for both new practitioners who seek mastery of neurology fundamentals and a solid understanding of exam findings, and for those who have mastered the fundamentals and wish to gain more sophisticated diagnostic skills in order to accurately analyze the meaning of each symptom in the broader context of neurologic practice. Key Features: Presents a clear, step-by-step description of how to conduct a neurological examination and apply findings in the clinical setting Addresses the needs of new and seasoned practitioners Provides illustrations and diagrams to reinforce concepts Uses algorithms to enhance a logical problem-solving approach Includes quick reference tables for the busy practitioner
Autor: Alexandra Armitage
Alexandra Armitage , MS, CNL, APRN, is an experienced neurology and neurosurgical nurse practitioner who practices at the Spine and Brain Center of New England, Nottingham, NH, USA. In this venue she provides both outpatient and inpatient care of neurosurgical and orthopedic spine patients. She has also worked as a critical care nurse at the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and as an NP in primary care for The Neurology Associates in Concord, NH, USA. In this position she provided independent primary care and in-patient care along with the supervising of neurologists. Through her extensive experience, Ms. Armitage has become acutely aware that both the staff nurse and the APRN need far more guidance in conducting the neurology exam at the bedside, and analyzing the results to quickly and competently determine the neurological status of the individual patient.

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Autor: Alexandra Armitage
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