Borderline Personality Disorder: A Practitioner's Guide to Comparative Treatments

Comparative Treatment
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Contributors; Acknowledgment; * Introduction: A Review of Borderline Personality Disorder, A. Freeman, M.H. Stone, D. Martin, and M.A. Reinecke; * Case History of a Borderline Personality: Linda P., A. Freeman, M.H. Stone, and D. Martin; * Self-Psychological Treatment, M.D. Liberman; * Dialectical Behavior Therapy, A. Bloomgarden; * Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, G.M. Fusco and J. Apsche; * Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, W. Dryden; * Borderline States and Individual Psychology, M.H. Stone and N.M. Hoffman; * A Cognitive-Developmental Formulation of BPD, M.A. Reinecke and J. Ehrenreich; * A Lacanian Approach, L. Rusansky-Drob; * Imagery Rescripting and Reprocessing Therapy, M.R. Smucker and A. Boos; * Unified Therapy with BPD, D.M. Allen; Similarities and Differences in Treatment Modalities, A. Freeman, M.H. Stone, and D. Martin.
Within the field of clinical psychology, the term "borderline personality disorder" was developed to fulfill a diagnostic need and has come to possess specific stereotypes and negative meanings. Because the term "borderline" is an emotionally charged word, it can lead to a less-than-accurate view of the situation or patient being described, thus presenting a challenge to even the most experienced therapists and becoming one of the most complex disorders to treat.
Through the use of one case study, however, experts in borderline personality disorders have put this difficulty at ease. Through applying a variety of modalities to identify treatment goals, including selecting assessment tools, conceptualizing progression, pinpointing pitfalls, and developing techniques, diagnosing and treating BPD has created a more successful therapeutic result.
Editiert von: Arthur Freeman, Mark H. Stone, Donna Martin
Arthur Freeman (EdD, ABPP), is visiting professor in the Department of Psychology at Governors State University, University Park, IL, a clinical professor in the Department of Psychology at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, and Director of Training at Sharidan Shores Care and Rehabilitation Center in Chicago. He is a Distinguished Founding Fellow at the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. Freeman has published widely in CBT and has lectured internationally. His work has been translated into twelve languages. He holds diplomas in clinical, family, and behavioral psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology and is a Fellow of APA. Springer Publishing Company has published numerous of his books, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Nursing Practice, co-edited with Sharon Morgillo Freeman (2004), Cognition and Psychotherapy, now in its second edition, coedited with Michael J. Mahoney, Paul DeVito, and Donna Martin (2004) andBorderline Personality Disorder: A Practitioner's Guide to Comparative Treatments, coedited with Mark Stone and Donna Martin (2004, paperback 2007).

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