Anxiety Disorders: A Practitioner's Guide to Comparative Treatments

Comparative Treatments for Psy
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Preface; Series Editors Note; 1. Anxiety Disorders: An Overview, R.A. DiTomasso and E.A. Gosch; 2. Clinical Case Presentation: The Case of Sandra, R.A. DiTomasso and E.A. Gosch; 3. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment, E.A. Meadows and K.A. Phipps; 4. Problem-Solving Therapy, S.H. Friedman Felgoise, C.M. Nezu, and A.M. Nezu; 5. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, S.C. Hayes, J. Pankey, and J. Gregg; 6. Context-Centered Therapy, J.S. Efran and L.C. Sitrin; 7. Contextual Family Therapy, B. Lackie and M. Olson; 8. Adlerian Therapy, R.R. Kopp; 9. Interpersonal Therapy, R.D. Goldstein and A.M. Gruenberg; 10. Person-Centered Therapy, S.A. Williams; 11. Supportive-Expressive Therapy, A.L. Schwartz and K. Crits-Cristoph; 12. Psychodynamic Therapy, P.M. Lerner.
Anxiety disorders are costly, common, and debilitating. They often present challenging problems in the caseloads of practicing clinicians today. This volume compares and contrasts various models of, and treatment approaches to, anxiety disorders. Each contributor, a master clinician, analyzes the same case and presents a thorough description of the model. Detailed descriptions of therapists' skills and attributes, assessment plans, treatment goals, intervention strategies, common pitfalls, and mechanisms of change are included.
Among the 11 therapies presented are Cognitive-Behavioral, Problem-Solving, Acceptance and Commitment, Contextual Family Therapy, Supportive-Expressive, Psychodynamic, and Psychopharmacological.The volume concludes with a useful table that succinctly summarizes the tenets of all these major approaches.

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