101+ Careers in Gerontology, Second Edition (Revised)

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Describes a wealth of diverse employment opportunities in gerontology and how to land them. How do you know if a career in gerontology is right for you? What opportunities exist in the field? Completely updated to reflect significant changes to policy and management of resources, the second edition of 101 Careers in Gerontology provides a wealth of helpful and timely guidance in this rapidly growing field. Written for all levels of job seekers ranging from community college students to credential-seeking professionals, the book outlines a multitude of opportunities that dovetail with careers ranging from Sociologist and Home Care Agency Administrator to Architect and Documentary Filmmaker. Interviews with practitioners provide insight into job particulars and the experience of starting out with a degree versus on-the-job-learning. The book describes five emerging gerontology-related fields, updates already existing job profiles including salary scales, and includes many new careers and their education requirements. New interviews are replete with advice and job search tips. The section "Thoughts and Advice from Leaders in the Field of Aging", adds additional grist to the mill.
Surprising additions to the list of career profiles include Retirement System Wealth Manager, Custom Clothier, Health Coach, Social or Cultural Historian, Travel/Tourism Specialist, Senior Theater Director, and many others. This second edition encompasses career changes and opportunities resulting from the newly created Administration from Community Living (ACL), and those influenced by policy changes in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the Affordable Health Act. Also new to the second edition are lists of gerontology professional organizations that can be helpful career search resources and links to professional organizations specific to each career profile.
Changes to the Second Edition Include: Many new careers and their education requirements Updated job profiles including salary scales A description of three types of commonly required credentials and how to prepare for them Coverage of such emerging fields as Entrepreneurial Gerontology, Global Aging, Journalism and Aging, and Urban Gerontology Career changes resulting from policy changes in relevant government agencies Lists of professional organizations specific to each career profile 13 new interviews and 12 interviews updated from first edition Information about national, international, and local gerontology organizations including student and new professional member sections Updated and expanded glossary of acronyms
Autor: C. Joanne Grabinski
C. Joanne Grabinski , MA, MA, ABD, FAGHE, was President/Educator and Consultant for AgeEd (1991-2010) and Lecturer, Gerontology Program, Eastern Michigan University, USA (1992-2010). While at Eastern Michigan University, she designed and taught the first Introduction to Careers course in the United States. She also served as Continuing Education Representative for the Gerontology Program, for the Graduate Certificate Program, Northwestern Michigan College University Center (1993-1997) and University Liaison for ELDERWISE (Institute for Learning in Retirement) for 18 months. Previously, she was Assistant Professor and the first Director of the Interdisciplinary Gerontology Program (1984-1991) at Central Michigan University, where she also served as Director, Alzheimer's Disease and Related Conditions Caregiver Training Grant Project (1985-1991). Ms. Grabinski has been actively involved in the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) and the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education (AGHE), serving on committees for both and as an elected member of the AGHE Executive Committee. She is the recipient of four AGHE honors: Distinguished Teacher (1997), AGHE Fellow in Gerontology and Geriatrics Education (FAGHE, 1999), Part-Time Faculty Certificate of Recognition (2004), and Mildred M. Seltzer Distinguished Service Recognition (2010). She is the author of several book chapters and articles (including book and AV reviews) for professional journals and newsletters. She also co-authored the latest version of AGHE's Brief Bibliography on Audiovisuals on Aging . Kelly Niles-Yokum , MPA, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Gerontology at York College of Pennsylvania, USA where she teaches courses in gerontology and sociology. Dr. Niles-Yokum serves as Managing Editor for Gerontology and Geriatrics Education , the official journal of the Association for Gerontology in Higher Education. Prior to becoming a faculty member at York College she served as the Director for the Gerontology Program at the Colleges of Worcester Consortium in Worcester, MA, USA. She holds a doctorate in gerontology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and received a master's degree in public administration with a specialty in aging policy from Portland State University. Dr. Niles-Yokum's research interests include rural aging, domestic social policy and aging, end-of-life issues and, empowerment in later life.

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Autor: C. Joanne Grabinski
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