Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy

Participation, Politics, and Culture under Chavez
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Foreword: Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy / Julia Buxton; Introduction: Participation, Politics, and Culture--Emerging Fragments of Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy / David Smilde; 1: Defying the Iron Law of Oligarchy I: How Does "El Pueblo" Conceive of Democracy? / Daniel Hellinger; 2: Participatory Democracy in Venezuela: Origins, Ideas, and Implementation / Margarita Lopez Maya and Luis E. Lander; 3: Urban Land Committees: Co-optation, Autonomy, and Protagonism / Maria Pilar Garcia-Guadilla; 4: Catia Sees You: Community Television, Clientelism, and the State in the Chavez Era / Naomi Schiller; 5: Radio Bemba in an Age of Electronic Media: The Dynamics of Popular Communication in Chavez's Venezuela / Sujatha Fernandes; 6: "We Are Still Rebels": The Challenge of Popular History in Bolivarian Venezuela / Alejandro Velasco; 7: The Misiones of the Chavez Government / Kirk A. Hawkins, Guillermo Rosas, and Michael E. Johnson; 8: Defying the Iron Law of Oligarchy II: Debating Democracy Online in Venezuela / Daniel Hellinger; 9: Venezuela's Telenovela: Polarization and Political Discourse in Cosita Rica / Carolina Acosta-Alzuru; 10: The Color of Mobs: Racial Politics, Ethnopopulism, and Representation in the Chavez Era / Luis Duno Gottberg; 11: Taking Possession of Public Discourse: Women and the Practice of Political Poetry in Venezuela / Elizabeth Gackstetter Nichols; 12: Christianity and Politics in Venezuela's Bolivarian Democracy: Catholics, Evangelicals, and Political Polarization / David Smilde and Coraly Pagan; Afterword: Chavismo and Venezuelan Democracy in a New Decade / Daniel Hellinger References; Index
Looking beyond Hugo Chavez and the national government, contributors examine forms of democracy involving ordinary Venezuelans: in communal councils, cultural activities, blogs, community media, and other forums.

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