Beyond Biopolitics: Essays on the Governance of Life and Death

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Acknowledgments Introduction: Beyond Biopolitics: The Governance of Life and Death / Patricia Ticineto Clough and Craig Willse Part I. Unexceptional Control: Governance, Race, and Population 1. National Enterprise Emergency: Steps Toward an Ecology of Powers / Brian Massumi; 2. Human Security/National Security: Gender Branding and Population Racism / Patricia Ticineto Clough and Craig Willse; 3. "The Turban Is Not a Hat": Queer Diaspora and Practices of Profiling / Jasbir K. Puar; 4. Strict Scrutiny: The Tragedy of Constitutional Law / Sora Y. Han Part II. Preemption: Death and Life-Itself 5. Necrologies; or, the Death of the Body Politic / Eugene Thacker; 6. Mnemonic Control / Luciana Parisi and Steve Goodman; 7. Thanato-tactics / Eyal Weizman Part III. Transforming Value: The Measure of Life Capacities 8. Strange Circulations: The Blood Economy in Rural China / Ann S. Anagnost; 9: Necropolitical Surveillance: Immigrants from Turkey in Germany / Cagatay Topal; 10: From the Race War to the War on Terror / Randy Martin Part IV. Technological Investments: Temporality, Media, and Methodologies 11. "Seeing" Spectral Agencies: An Analysis of Lin+Lam and Unidentified Vietnam / Una Chung; 12. Here We Accrete Durations: Toward a Practice of Intervals in the Perceptual Mode of Power / Amit S. Rai; 13. Fascia and the Grimace of Catastrophe / May Joseph; 14. Blackness and Governance / Fred Moten and Stefano Harney Bibliography; Contributors; Index
Offers ways to conceptualize biopolitics as the ground for today's reformulation of governance
Editiert von: Patricia Ticineto Clough, Craig Willse
Patricia Ticineto Clough is Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at Queens College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She is the editor of "The Affective Turn: Theorizing the Social," also published by Duke University Press.Craig Willse has a doctorate in Sociology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

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Autor: Patricia Ticineto Clough
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ISBN: 0822350033
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