Between the Guerrillas and the State: The Cocalero Movement, Citizenship, and Identity in the Colombian Amazon

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Contents; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations Introduction; 1. History of Colonization, Marginalization and the Absentee State: Guerrillas, Drug Trafficking and Paramilitarism in the Colombian Amazon; 2. Coca and the War on Drugs in Putumayo: Illegality, Armed Conflict, and the Politics of Time and Space; 3. Turning Civic Movements into a Social Movement: Antecedents of the Cocalero Social Movement; 4. The (Cocalero Social) Movement in 1996: Stigmatization and the Politics of Recognition and Identity; 5. Negotiations with the Central Government: Clashing Visions over the "Right to have Rights"; 6. Competing States or Competing Governments? An Analysis of Local State Formation in a Conflict-Ridden Zone; 7. From Social to Political Leadership: Gaining Visibility as Civil Society in the Midst of Increased Armed Conflict; 8. Plan Colombia and the Depoliticization of Citizenship in Putumayo Epilogue; Appendixes; Bibliography
How small-scale coca growers came together to oppose an eradication campaign by the Colombain government
Autor: Maria Clemencia Ramirez
ワbersetzung von: Andy Klatt
Maria Clemencia Ramirez is a Senior Research Associate and a former Director (2005-2007) of the Colombian Institute of Anthropology and History in Bogota.

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Autor: Maria Clemencia Ramirez
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