Rock and Roll Always Forgets: A Quarter Century of Music Criticism

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Acknowledgments Foreword by Chuck Klosterman Introduction 1 1. Predicting the Future; 2 Over and Out; 3 Rhymed Funk Hits Area; 4 Skin Yard, Skin Yard; 5 Drug Crazed Teens: Flaming Lips; 6 Music That Passes the Acid Test; 7 New Kids in the '90s: A Decade in the Life; 8 Radiohead, The Bends; 9 Walking into Spiderwebs: The Ultimate Band List; 10 Talking World War III Blues; 11 2. Alternative to What; 12 Bombast in the Blood: Bad Religion; 13 Conscience of Some Conservatives: The Ramones; 14 Punk's First Family Grow Old Together: The Ramones; 15 Howls from the Heartland: The Untamed Midwest; 16 An Indie Rises Above: SST Records; 17 Slime is Money (Bastard); 18 Big Black Give You a Headache; 19 Nirvana, "All Apologies"; 20 Wrong Is Right: Marilyn Manson; 21 Live: Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, 18 February 1997; 22 City of Dreams: Rock in Mexico; 23 Chumbawamba at the Piss Factory; 24 Mr. and Mrs. Used To Be: The White Stripes Find a Little Place to Fight 'Em Off; 25 3. Umlauts from Heck; 26 Five Great Beats-Per-Minute; 27 Seduce, Seduce; 28 Agnostic Front, Beyond Possession, Dr. Know, Helstar, Raw Power; 29 Top 40 That Radio Won't Touch: Metallica; 30 Welcome Home (Sanitarium): Metallica Seek Psychiatric Help; 31 Mentors, Up The Dose; 32 Robert Plant, Technobilly; 33 Def Leppard's Magic and Loss; 34 AC/DC's Aged Currencies; 35 White Wizzard Escape Each Other; 36 4. To the Beat Y'All; 37 Mantronix: Strange Loops; 38 Spoonie Gee: Unreformed; 39 Just-Ice: Rap With Teeth; 40 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 1989: N.W.A.; 41 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 1992: Arrested Development; 42 Sir Mix-A-Lot: Chief Boot Knocka; 43 From Taco Bell to Pachelbel: Coolio; 44 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 1997: Erykah Badu and B-Rock & The Bizz; 45 Timbaland, Magoo, and Ma$e, As the World Turns; 46 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 2001: Jay-Z; 47 Licks: Bone Crusher, Turk, Crunk & Disorderly; 48 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 2003; 49 5. Race-Mixing; 50 Emmett Miller: The Minstrel Man From Georgia; 51 Mississippi Sheiks vs. Utah Saints; 52 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 1984; 53 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 1985; 54 Boogie Down Productions: Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip-Hop; 55 Yothu Yindi: Tribal Voice; 56 Living Colour: Biscuits EP; 57 3rd Bass: Cactus Love; 58 Teena Marie in Wonderland; 59 Shake Your Love: Gillette; 60 The Iceman Cometh Back: Vanilla Ice; 61 Motor Suburb Madhouse: Kid Rock and Eminem; 62 The Daddy Shady Show: Eminem's Family Values; 63 Spaghetti Eastern: The Lordz Of Brooklyn; 64 6. Country Discomfort; 65 Yippie Tie One On: Rural Roots and Muddy Boots; 66 John Cougar Mellencamp: Life Goes On; 67 K.T. Oslin, Greatest Hits: Songs From An Aging Sex Bomb; 68 The Temptations of Mindy McCready; 69 CMT; 70 Banda, Si, Por Que No; 71 Big & Rich Boogaloo Down Broadway; 72 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 2004: Montgomery Gentry and Chely Wright; 73 Please Stop Belittling Toby Keith; 74 Brad Paisley Is Ready to Make Nice; 75 7. Pop Muzik; 76 Cutting It as a Bay City Roller in 1989; 77 People Pleasers: The Village People; 78 Arrivederci, Bay-BEE: Nocera and Fun Fun; 79 Debbie Gibson: Angel Baby; 80 It Was In The Cards; 81 Pet Shop Boys' Mad Behavior; 82 Gimme Back My Bullets: Will to Power Shoot for Disco Valhalla; 83 Michael Jackson Loves the Sound of Breaking Glass; 84 If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It: Michael Jackson and Faithless; 85 They Know What They Really Really Want and They Know How to Get It: Spice Girls and Gina G; 86 Pazz & Jop Ballot Excerpt 1998; 87 8. Singles Again and Again; 88 Sucking in the '70s: Have A Nice Day, Volumes 1-10; 89 Zager and Evans: "In The Year 2525"; 90 Radio '86: Dead Air; 91 Radio On reviews; 92 Ten Cents a Watusi; 93 Singles Again: Tangled Up in Blue; 94 Singles Again: Paranoia Jumps Deep; 95 Singles Jukebox reviews; 96 The Year of Too Much Consensus; The End? Index
Features the best, most provocative reviews, interviews, columns, and essays by Chuck Eddy - a singular critic
Autor: Chuck Eddy
Chuck Eddy is an independent music journalist living in Austin, Texas. Formerly the music editor at the "Village Voice" and a senior editor at "Billboard," he is the author of "The Accidental Evolution of Rock 'n' Roll: A Misguided Tour through Popular Music" and "Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe." Chuck Klosterman is a freelance journalist and the author of numerous books, including "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto" and "Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota."

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Autor: Chuck Eddy
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