Durham County: A History of Durham County, North Carolina

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Contents; Note on Abbreviations; Abbreviations; Preface and Acknowledgments to 1st Edition; Preface and Acknowledgments to 2nd Edition 1 Land for the Taking, Prehistory - 1740s; 2 Moving In, 1740s-1771; 3 The American Revolution; 4 Eighteenth-Century Orange County, 1752-1800; 5 The Rip Van Winkle Era, 1801-1840; 6 Improvement Fever, 1840-1861; 7 Origins of the Town of Durham, 1819-1861; 8 Victory from Defeat, 1861-1865; 9 From Bust to Boom, 1865-1880; 10 A House Divided: An Independent Black Culture, 1865-1880; 11 A County at Last 1880-1890; 12 The Apogee of an Era, 1890-1903; 13 Social Challenges, 1900-1917; 14 The Face of Change, 1903-1917; 15 Joining the World, 1917-1924; 16 Elation and Depression, 1925-1941; 17 World War II and the End of an Era, 1941-19945; 18 The Old Order Changeth, 1946-1969; 19 Civil Rights, 1954-1978; 20 Rounding Out a Century, 1960-1981; 21 City and County to Century's End Appendix; Notes; Bibliography to the 1st Edition; Bibliography to the 2nd Edition; Index of Personal Names; Index of Subjects; Index
The definitive history of Durham County, North Carolina
Autor: Jean Bradley Anderson
Jean Bradley Anderson is the author of "Carolinian on the Hudson: The Life of Robert Donaldson," "The Kirklands of Ayr Mount," and "Piedmont Plantation: The Bennehan-Cameron Family and Lands in North Carolina." A professional genealogist and freelance contract researcher, Anderson formerly conducted research for the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, contributing to the prize-winning multivolume "The Way We Lived in North Carolina."

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Autor: Jean Bradley Anderson
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