Traveling from New Spain to Mexico: Mapping Practices of Nineteenth-Century Mexico

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Contents; Illustrations; Acknowledgments Introduction and Overview 1 Research Background and Theoretical Perspectives; 2 Making the Invisible Visible; 3 Locating New Spain: Spanish Mappings; 4 Touring Mexico: A Journey to the Land of the Aztecs; 5 Imagining the Nation and Forging the State: Mexican Nationalist Imagery1810-1860; 6 Finding Mexico: The Garcia Cubas Projects--1850-1880; 7 Traveling from New Spain to Mexico--1880-1910; 8 Performing the Nation Notes; Bibliography; Index
The role of mapmaking in the construction of Mexican national identity
Autor: Magali M. Carrera
Magali M. Carrera is Chancellor Professor of Art History, University ofMassachusetts, Dartmouth. She is Author of IMAGINING IDENTITY IN NEWSPAIN: RACE, LINEAGE, AND THE COLONIAL BODY IN PORTRAITURE ANDCASTA PAINTINGS (2003).

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Autor: Magali M. Carrera
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