The Postcolonial Science and Technology Studies Reader

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Preface; Acknowledgments Introduction. Beyond Postcolonial Theory: Two Undertheorized Perspectives on Science and Technology I. Counterhistories Introduction; 1. Discovering the Oriental West / John M. Hobson; 2. Long-Distance Corporations, Big Sciences, and the Geography of Knowledge / Steven J. Harris; 3. Heroic Narratives of Quest and Discovery / Mary Terrall; 4. Maria Sibylla Merian: A Woman of Art and Science / Ella Reitsma; 5. Prospecting for Drugs: European Naturalists in the West Indies / Londa Schiebinger; 6. Science and Colonial Expansion: The Role of the British Royal Botanical Gardens / Lucille H. Brockway; 7. Out of Africa: Colonial Rice History in the Black Atlantic / Judith Carney II. Other Cultures' Sciences Introduction; 8. Navigation in the Western Carolines: A Traditional Science / Ward H. Goodenough; 9. Science for the West, Myth for the Rest? / Colin Scott; 10. Ecolinguistics, Linguistic Diversity, Ecological Diversity / Peter Muhlhausler; 11. Gender and Indigenous Knowledge / Helen Appleton, Maria E. Fernandez, Catherine L. M. Hill, and Consuelo Quiroz; 12. Whose Knowledge, Whose Genes, Whose Rights? / Stephen B. Brush; 13. The Role of the Global Network of Indigenous Knowledge Resource Centers in the Conservation of Cultural and Biological Diversity / D. Michael Warren III. Residues and Reinventions Introduction; 14. Development and the Anthropology of Modernity / Arturo Escobar; 15. Tradition and Gender in Modernization Theory / Catherine V. Scott; 16. Security and Survival: Why Do Poor People Have Many Children? / Betsy Hartmann; 17. Call for a New Approach / Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment; 18. The Human Genome Diversity Project: What Went Wrong? / Jenny Reardon; 19. Bioprospecting's Representational Dilemma / Cori Hayden IV. Moving Forward: Possible Pathways Introduction; 20. Islamic Science: The Contemporary Debate / Ziauddin Sardar; 21. Mining Civilizational Knowledge / Susantha Goonatilake; 22. Towards the Integration of Knowledge Systems: Challenges to Thought and Practice / Catherine A. Odora Hoppers; 23. Human Well-Being and Federal Science: What's the Connection? / Daniel Sarewitz; 24. Science in an Era of Globalization: Alternative Pathways / David J. Hess; 25. Civic Science for Sustainability: Reframing the Role of Experts, Policymakers, and Citizens in Environmental Governance / Karen Backstrand Copyright Acknowledgments; Index
Argues that science and technology studies, postcolonial studies, and feminist critique must inform one another
Editiert von: Sandra Harding
Sandra Harding is Professor of Education and Women's Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her many books include "Sciences from Below: Feminisms, Postcolonialities, and Modernities," also published by Duke University Press; "The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader: Intellectual and Political Controversies"; "Is Science Multicultural? Postcolonialisms, Feminisms, and Epistemologies"; and "The Science Question in Feminism."

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Autor: Sandra Harding
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