Revolutionary Suicide and Other Desperate Measures: Narratives of Youth and Violence from Japan and the United States

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Acknowledgments; Introduction Part 1 "Livid with History": An Introduction to Part 1; 1. Survivor Discourse, the Limits of Objectivity, and Orpha; 2. Shizuko, the Silent Girl: Uchida Shungiku's Fazaa Fakkaa; 3. "Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean": Dorothy Allison's Bastard out of Carolina Part 2 The Message: An Introduction to Part 2; 4. Engendering First World Fears: The Teenager and the Terrorist; 5. "Killer Kids" and "Cutters"; 6. The Fiction of Hoshino Tomoyuki and Japanarchy 2K: Lonely Hearts Revolution; Conclusion: A Case for Reparations Appendix; Notes; Bibliography; Index
Analyzing fictional narratives, media accounts, and specific cases of child abuse and youth violence, this work suggests that Japan and the United States both foster a "culture of child abuse" in which the state's relationship to its youth
Autor: Adrienne Carey Hurley
Adrienne Carey Hurley is Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies at McGill University.

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Autor: Adrienne Carey Hurley
ISBN-13 :: 9780822349426
ISBN: 0822349426
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2011
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