Gay Latino Studies

Critical Reader (Hardcover)
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Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Re-membering Gay Latino Studies - Michael Hames-Garcia and Ernesto J. Martinez; Queer Theory Revisited - Michael Hames-Garcia; Comment. It's all in Having a History - Maria Lugones; Gay Shame, Latina/o Style: A Critique of White Queer Performativity - Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes; Comment - Ramon Garcia; The Place of Gay Male Chicano Literature in Queer Chicana/o Cultural Work - Antonio Viego; Comment. Our Queer Kin - Luz Calvo and Catriona Rueda Esquibel; Carnal Knowledge: Chicano Gay Men and the Dialectics of Being - Richard T. Rodriguez; Comment. Entre Machos y Maricones: (Re)Covering Chicano Gay Male (Hi)Stories - Daniel Enrique Perez; Entre Hombres/Between Men: Latino Masculinities and Homosexualities - Lionel Cantu; Comment. The Material and Cultural Worlds of Latino Gay Men - Tomas Almaguer; Gay Latino Cultural Citizenship: Predicaments of Identity and Visibility in 1990s San Francisco - Horacio N. Roque Ramirez; Comment. Ramon A. Gutierrez; Feeling Brown: Ethnicity and Affect in Ricardo Bracho's The Sweetest Hangover and Other STDs) - Jose Esteban Munoz; Comment. Never Too Much: Queer Performance between Impossibility and Excess - Ricardo L. Ortiz; Shifting the Site of Queer Enunciation: Manuel Munoz and the Politics of Form - Ernesto J. Martinez; Comment. Dancing with the Devil--When the Devil is Gay - Paula M. L. Moya; Choreographies of Resistance: Latina/o Queer Dance and the Utopian Performative - Ramon H. Rivera-Servera; Comment - Daniel Contreras; Dance Liberation - David Roman; Comment. Dance With Me - Frances Negron-Muntaner Bibliography; Contributors; Index
Essays exploring the lives and cultural contributions of gay Latino men in the United States, while also analyzing the political and theoretical stakes of gay Latino studies
Editiert von: Michael Hames-Garcia, Ernesto Javier Martinez
Michael Hames-Garcia is Professor of Ethnic Studies at the University of Oregon.Ernesto Javier Martinez is Assistant Professor of Women's and Gender Studies and of Ethnic Studies at the University of Oregon.

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