Holiday in Mexico: Critical Reflections on Tourism and Tourist Encounters

American Encounters/Global Int
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Introduction: "A Holiday in Mexico: Tourism Studies and the Tourism Dilemma.": Dina Berger and Andrew G. Wood; 1. "The U.S.-Mexican War and the Beginnings of American Tourism in Mexico.": Andrea Boardman; 2. "Teotihuacan: Showcase for the Centennial.": Christina Bueno; 3. "On the Selling of Rey Momo: Early Tourism and the Marketing of Carnival in Veracruz.": Andrew G. Wood; 4. "Goodwill Ambassadors on Holiday: Tourism, Diplomacy and Mexico-U.S. Relations.": Dina Berger; 5. "Behind the Noir Border: Tourism, the Vice Racket and Power Relations in Baja California's Border Zone, 1938-1965.": Eric M. Schantz; 6. "Fun in Acapulco? The Politics of Development on the Mexican Riviera.": Andrew Sackett; 7. "Colonial Outpost to Artists' Mecca: Conflict and Collaboration in the Development of San Miguel de Allende's Tourism Industry.": Lisa Pinley Covert; 8. "Jose Cuervo and the Gentrified Worm: Food, Drink and the Touristic Consumption of Mexico.": Jeffrey Pilcher; 9. "Cancun and the Campo: Indigenous Migration and Tourism Development in the Yucatan Peninsula.": M. Bianet Castellanos; 10. "Marketing Mexico's Great Masters: Folk Art Tourism and the Neoliberal Politics of Exhibition.": Mary K. Coffey; 11. "Golfing in the Desert: Los Cabos and Post-PRI Tourism in Mexico": Alex M. Saragoza; 12. "The Beach and Beyond: The Beach and Beyond: Reflections from a Travel Writer on Dreams, Decadence and Defense.": Barbara Kastelein; Conclusion: "Should We Stay or Should We Go? Reflections on Tourism Past and Present.": Andrew G. Wood and Dina Berger
Collection provides analysis of the tourist industry in Mexico, examining its origins, promoters, and power relations, and showing how Mexico used its cultural capital and the development of its tourism industry to modernize.
Editiert von: Dina Berger, Andrew Grant Wood
Loyola University Chicago

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