River of Tears: Country Music, Memory, and Modernity in Brazil

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Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments Introduction: Rural Music, Intimacy, and Memory; 1. What Counts as "Country"? Rural Performativity in the Twentieth Century; 2. Country Brothers: Kinship as Chronotope; 3. Mixture, Sadness, and Intimacy in the Brazilian Musical Field; 4. Hick Dialogics: Experiencing the Play of Rural Genres; 5. Teleologies of Rural Disappearance: Interpreting Rural Music; 6. Digital Droplets and Analogue Flames: The Circulatory Matrices of Brazilian Country; 7. Producing Rural Locality; 8. Hicks of the World: The Country Cosmopolitan; Conclusion: Postauthoritarian Memory and Rurality Notes; Discography; Bibliography; Index
A study of caipira, Brazil's most indigenous country music, and the commodification of the rural in Brazilian popular culture.
Autor: Alexander Dent
Alexander Sebastian Dent is Associate Professor of Anthropology at George Washington University.

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Autor: Alexander Dent
ISBN-13 :: 9780822345374
ISBN: 0822345374
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.11.2009
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