Jacques Ranciere

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Contents; Introduction: Jacques Ranciere: Penseur de l'envers: Gabriel Rockhill and Phil Watts; I. History; 1: Historicizing Untimeliness: Kristin Ross; 2: The Lessons of Jacques Ranciere: Knowledge and Power after the Storm: Alain Badiou; 3: Sophisticated Continuities and Historical Discontinuities, Or, Why Not Protagoras?: Eric Mechoulan; 4: The Classics and Critical Theory in Postmodern France: The Case of Jacques Ranciere: Giuseppina Mecchia; 5: Ranciere and Metaphysics: Jean-Luc Nancy; II Politics; 6: What Is Political Philosophy? Contextual Notes: Etienne Balibar; 7: Ranciere in South Carolina: Todd May; 8: Political Agency and the Ambivalence of the Sensible: Yves Citton; 9: Staging Equality: Ranciere's Theatrocracy and the Limits of Anarchic Equality; Peter Hallward; 10: Ranciere's Leftism, Or, Politics and Its Discontents: Bruno Bosteels; 11: Jacques Ranciere's Ethical Turn and the Thinking of Discontents: Solange Guenoun; III Aesthetics; 12: The Politics of Aesthetics: Political History and the Hermeneutics of Art: Gabriel Rockhill; 13: Cinema and Its Discontents: Tom Conley; 14: Politicizing Art in Ranciere and Deleuze: The Case of Postcolonial Literature: Raji Vallury; 15: Impossible Speech Acts: Jacques Ranciere's Erich Auerbach: Andrew Parker; 16: Style indirect libre: James Swenson; Afterword: The Method of Equality: An Answer to Some Questions: Jacques Ranciere
Collection that examines the work of cultural and political theorist Jacques Ranciere.
Autor: Gabriel Rockhill
Villanova University

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Autor: Gabriel Rockhill
ISBN-13 :: 9780822345060
ISBN: 0822345064
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.08.2009
Verlag: Combined Academic Publishers
Gewicht: 504g
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Taschenbuch, 227x153x22 mm
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