The Alaska Native Reader: History, Culture, Politics

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Dedication; Acknowledgements Preface by Maria Shaan Tlaa Williams Alaska and its People: An Introduction by Maria Shaan Tlaa Williams A.Portraits of Nations: Telling Our Own Story James Kari, PhD and Katie and Fred John (Athabascan) / Reprint: "Lazeni 'Iinn Nataelde Ghadghaande: when Russians Were Killed at Roasted Salmon Place (Batlzulnetas)" Reprint from Tatl'ahwt'aenn Nenn' The Headwaters Peoples' Country, Alaska Native Language Center, Fairbanks, Alaska 1986 Katerina Solovjova and Aleksandra A. Vovnyanko / Reprint, excerpts from: "The Fur Rush:A Chronicle of Colonial Life" from The Fur Rush. (Phenix Press, 2002) Charlene Khaih Zhuu Stern (Neetsaii Gwich'in Athabascan) / "Redefining Our Planning Traditions: Caribou Fences, Community and the Neetsaii Experience" Maria Bolanz / "Memories of my Trap Line" Kanaqlak George Charles, PhD (Yup'ik) / reprint of "Cultural Identity through Yupiaq Narrative" From Circumpolar Ethnicity and Identity, Senri Ethnological Studies 66:41-62 copyright 2004, editors Takashi Irimoto and Takako Yamada James Fall, PhD / "Dena'ina Elnena: Dena'ina Country: The Dena'ina in Anchorage, Alaska" Walkie Charles (Yup'ik) / Walkie Charles article is a reprint of "Quaneryaramta Egmiucia: Continuing Our Language." From Anthropology and Education quarterly Volume 36, Issue 1, 2005. Beth Leonard (Deg Xinag Athabascan) / "Deg Xinag Oral Traditions: Reconnecting Indigenous Language And Education Through Traditional Narratives" Jeane Breinig, PhD (Haida) / "Alaska Haida Language Today: Reasons for Hope" B. Empire: Processing Colonization Harold Napoleon (Yup'ik) / reprint of portions of Yuuyaraq: The Way of the Human Being, (1991) Nancy Furlow (Tlingit) / "Angoon Remembers: The Religious Significance of Balance and Reciprocity" Maria Shaan Tlaa Williams (Tlingit) / "The Comity Agreement: Missionization of Alaska's Native People" Steve Langdon, PhD and Aaron Leggett (Dena'ina Athabascan) / "Dena'ina Heritage and Representation in Anchorage: A Collaborative Project" Ted Mayac, Sr. (King Island Inupiaq) / "How it feels to have your History Stolen" Evon Peter(Neetsaii Gwitch'in/Jewish) / "Undermining Our Tribal Governments: The Stripping of Land, Resources, and Rights from Alaska Native Nations" Subhankar Banerjee / "Terra Incognita: Communities and Resource Wars" Iggiagruk William L. Hensley (Inupiaq) / "Why the Natives of Alaska have a Land Claim" Written in 1969 during the height of the land claims debate in Alaska. Maria Shaan Tlaa Williams, PhD (Tlingit) / reprint of Tundra Times article originally published in October 1996 "Rise of Native Solidarity" C. Worldviews: Alaska Native and Indigenous Epistemologies Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley, PhD (Yupiaq) / A Yupiaq Worldview: A Pathway to Ecology and Spirit (Waveland Press 1995/2006). Reprint and excerpts of pages the "Introduction" and from Chapter 1: "Yupiaq Worldview: The Meeting of the Old and New" Gregory A. Cajete, PhD (Santa Clara Pueblo) / "The Cosmos: Indigenous Perspectives" Claudette Engblom-Bradley, PhD (Schaghticoke) / "Seeing Mathematics with Indian Eyes" Lilian Na'ia Alessa, PhD / "What is Truth? Where Western Science and Traditional Knowledge Converge" Joan Pirciralria Hamilton (Cup'ik) / "The Yup'ik and Cup'ik People" D. Native Arts: A Weaving of Melody and Color Deanna Paniataaq Kingston, PhD (Inupiaq) / "Ugiuvangmiut Illugiit Atuut: Teasing Cousin Songs of the King Island Inupiat" Larry McNeil (Tlingit and Nisga'a) / "fly by night mythology An Indigenous Guide to White Man, or How to Stay Sane When the World Makes No Sense" Perry Eaton (Alutiiq/Sugcestun) / "Kodiak Masks: A Personal Odyssey Craig Coray / "Artifacts in Sound: A Century of Field Recordings of Alaska Natives" Frank Francis-Chythlook (Yup'ik - Dillingham) / Essay: "Digital Media as a Means of Self Discovery: Identity Affirmations in Modern Technology" Erica Lord (Inupiaq/Athabascan) / "America's Wretched" Tim Murphrey / "The Alaska Native Arts Festival" Anna Smith (Tlingit) / "Smoke Signals and Thomas's Recreation Stories" Jim Ruppert / "Alaska Native Literature: an Updated Introduction" E. Ravenstale(s) Nora Marks Dauenhauer (Tlingit) and Richard Dauenhauer / POEMS Nora Marks Dauenhauer / Gathering at William Tyson Elementary School, Anchorage, Alaska / Cheerleading at Homecoming '98, Juneau-Douglas High School / Cole Sewing / Gabe's Birthday / Repatriation / Richard Dauenhauer / Group One. Family Poems / Group Two. Congestive Heart Failure: Letting Go / Group Three. Harvesting C.G. Williams / Four Wheeler Poem Denise Wartes / Living in the Arctic Eleanor Hadden (Tlingit/Haida/Tsimshian) / "Tunnel - What Tunnel?" Daisy Demientieff (Athabascan) / "Delicious recipe for how to cook moose ribs" Suggestions for Further Reading
Includes a selection of nonfiction, fiction, recipes, and visual art by indigenous elders, artists, scholars, lawyers, and hunters that demonstrate the tensions and contradictions, as well as the continuities, which characterize the history, politics, and
Editiert von: Maria Sh Williams
Maria "Shaa Tlaa" Williams is Associate Professor of Music at the University of New Mexico.

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Autor: Maria Sh Williams
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