The Holmes Partnership Trilogy

Tomorrow's Teachers, Tomorrow's Schools, Tomorrow's Schools of Education
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Alfonzo Thurman
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Tomorrow's Teachers, Tomorrow's Schools, and Tomorrow's Schools of Education are a collection of reports from the Holmes Group, and later the Holmes Partnership, addressing principles of teaching as a profession by focusing on the teachers' roles in the schools, the role of schools in communities, and the role and obligation of schools and colleges of education in the preparation of teachers. Tomorrow's Teachers (1986) outlines the principles of teaching as a profession, which include making the education of teachers rigorous and relevant, providing defensible standards of entry into the profession, and connecting schools of education with K-12 schools. Tomorrow's Schools (1990) covers the principles for the design of professional development schools including promoting more ambitious conceptions of teaching and learning, adding to and reorganizing knowledge about teaching and learning, ensuring responsible research and development is done in schools, providing professional development for veteran teachers and administrators to improve schools, creating incentives for college faculties to work in schools, and strengthening relations between schools and the broader political/social/economic communities in which they reside. Tomorrow's Schools of Education (1995) advocates a new core curriculum for all prospective education professionals and the necessary restructuring of the organization of schools, colleges and departments of education in research universities. This collection is useful for courses on teacher education, curriculum development, restructuring schools of education and teacher preparation, educational administration, principles of teaching and learning, school reform, teacher reform, research on teaching and learning, research on the development of schools.
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