Marxism and Communication Studies

The Point is to Change It
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.8, Media and Culture

There is a timely and urgent need for a reasoned dialogue reassessing how Marxism can advance the study of human communication and transform the social world in which it is embedded. Indeed, ongoing world-historical events - including the vigorously organized market globalization, the corresponding insurgent global anticorporate movement, and the conflicts engendered by the U.S. invasion of Iraq - have underscored the importance of a thorough critique of global capitalism and its telecommunication technologies and practices. This important new collection, featuring essays by leading scholars and practitioners, provides a much-needed overview and assessment of Marxism's significance to contemporary thinking in communication and media studies. Contributors demonstrate how a Marxist perspective can be usefully applied to specific case studies in communication, providing valuable insights and understandings that are not obtainable using other approaches.
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Contents: Peter McLaren: Preface - Lee Artz/Steve Macek/Dana L. Cloud: Introduction: Toward Conditions of Our Own Making - Lee Artz: On the Material and the Dialectic: Toward a Class Analysis of Communication - Dana L. Cloud: Change Happens: Materialist Dialectics and Communication Studies - Deepa Kumar: Media, Culture, and Society: The Relevance of Marx's Dialectical Method - Vincent Mosco: Revisiting the Political Economy of Communication - Colin Sparks: Contradictions in Capitalist Media Practices - Fabiana Woodfin: Lost in Translation: The Distortion of Egemonia - David W. Park: The Convictions of Reflexivity: Pierre Bourdieu and Marxist Theory in Communication - Lora Taub-Pervizpour: Toward a Political Economy of Culture: Capitalism and Communication in the Sixteenth Century - Susan C. Leggett: Communication and Contradiction: Living History and the Sport Pages of the Daily Worker - Henry A. Giroux/Susan Searls Giroux: Corporate Culture versus Public Education and Democracy: A Call for Critical Pedagogy - Steve Macek: From the Weapon of Criticism to Criticism by Weapons: Critical Communication Scholarship, Marxism, and Political Activism.

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