Beauty and the Abject

Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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Leslie Boldt-Irons
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236x159x25 mm
88, Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature

This collection of eighteen essays explores the meanings and depictions of beauty and the abject in art (from Renaissance portraiture to the canvasses of Salvador Dali); photography and the representation of the body; film (from the horror genre and gay/lesbian sexuality to socio-political problems); literature (from classical lyric and pastoral drama to the contemporary verbal arts); cultural studies (from the femme fatale and James Bond to vampires and monsters); architecture; and linguistics. These essays not only examine the theme from a variety of media and critical perspectives, they also scrutinize and challenge traditional notions of beauty and the abject.
Exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.
Contents: Barry Keith Grant: Children of the Day: Sex, Gender, and the New Horror Film - Bryn Gribben: «Compose Yourself' Through Impatient Gaiety»: How Dr. Jekyll Made a Spectacle of Himself - Catherine Heard: The Persistence of Monsters - Leslie Boldt-Irons: In Search of the Archaic Mother: The Space of the Abject in Bataille's My Mother and Baudelaire's Flowers of Evil - S.D. Chrostowska: A Passing Glance: Psychic and Aesthetic Encounters with Deadness and Dying - Bruce Elder: Luis Buñuel's Las Hurdes (1933) - James Robert Allard: The Eyes Have It: Seeing the Beautiful in Gray's Anatomy - Sally Hickson: «Pretty Maids All in a Row»: Some Thoughts on Collections of Female «Beauties» in the Renaissance - Nancy Pedri: Portraiture's Unruly Faces: Beauty in Jo Spence's Putting Myself in the Picture - Anna Ghiglione: The Sensible Eye: Beauty and Abject in Ancient Confucian Thinking about Funeral Rites - Michael Johnson: «Honey Falling upon Honey»: The Angelus Couple in the Works of Dali - Marina Rodosthenous: «Beauty» and «the Abject» in the Cretan Renaissance Pastoral Tragicomedy Panoria by Georgios Chortatsis - Elizabeth D'Angelo: The Semiotics of Homosexuality in Television Commercials and Film: Diabolique and Bound - Erin Finley: One of These Days These Boots Are Gonna Walk All Over You: An Examination of the Femme Fatale's Evolution - Jim Leach: The Spymaster who Loved Me: M and the Gender Dynamics of the Bond Phenomenon - Peter Glidden: Beauty and the Beast within: The Glorious Bastards of Versailles - Carol U. Merriam: Sleeping Beauty: Propertius, Elegies 1.3 - John Picchione: Poetry and the Abject: The Case of the Italian New Avant-Garde.

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