Curriculum and the Cultural Body

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Debra Freedman
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Curriculum and the Cultural Body extends the discussion of body knowledge by attending to the unspoken questions and practices in education that silence, conceal, and limit bodies. The collection of essays exemplifies a new genre of interdisciplinary writing, drawing on such diverse discourses as curriculum studies; cultural studies; film studies; media and technology studies; feminist theory; queer theory; phenomenology; a/r/tography; and art education. The authors in this edited book explore the multiplicities and complexities of the body in learning and knowing. Each engages with questions that relate the practices of culture to a re-conceptualization of the body in and as curriculum.
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Contents: Madeleine Grumet: Foreword - Stephanie Springgay/Debra Freedman: Introduction: On Touching and a Bodied Curriculum - Yvonne Gaudelius/Charles Garoian: Performing Embodiment: Pedagogical Intersections of Art, Technology, and the Body - John A. Weaver/Tara D. Britt: Experiencing Life Through the Body of Film: The Convergence of Phenomenology and Cultural Curriculum Studies - Debra Freedman/Iris Striedieck/Leonard Shurin: Not Without My Body: Embodied Learning With/In the Online Learning Environment - Karen Keifer-Boyd: Body Interfaces in Curriculum - Dalene M. Swanson: Silent Voices, Silent Bodies: Difference and Disadvantage in Schooling Contexts - Daniel T. Barney: Understandings and Communication Through Dress: Sartorial Inquiry in a Secondary Art Class - Donal O'Donoghue: Teaching Bodies Who Teach: Men's Bodies and the Reconstruction of Male Teacher Identity in Ireland - Julie Garlen Maudlin: Life Goes On: Disability, Curriculum, and Popular Culture - Aisha S. Durham/Jillian M. Báez: A Tail of Two Women: Exploring the Contours of Difference in Popular Culture - Diane Watt: Disrupting Mass Media as Curriculum: Opening to Stories of Veiling - Cris Mayo: Teaching Against Homophobia Without Teaching the Subject - Natalie Jolly: Cesarean, Celebrity and Childbirth: Students Encounter Modern Birth and the Question of Female Embodiment - Stephanie Springgay: Intimacy in the Curriculum of Janine Antoni - Barbara Bickel: Embodying Exile: Performing the «Curricular Body» - James Sanders: Breathing Curiously: Queering the Curriculum Body.

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