Literacy Research for Political Action and Social Change

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Mollie V. Blackburn
438 g
225x150x16 mm
310, Counterpoints: Studies in the Postmodern Theory of Education

This book and its contributors - all of whom view literacy research as explicitly political and potentially transformative - provide images and approaches that show how work with/in the local can and must be connected to global issues in order to effect political action. Researchers and educators are urged to take activist stances that directly affect and address the needs of all people across lines of race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender. The book is organized into three parts, each focusing on different aspects of literacy research for political action. These include theoretical considerations and methodological approaches that support this work; a reconsideration of the roles of participants as collaborators in this kind of literacy research; and finally, examples of projects specifically aimed at addressing global issues through local research for political action.
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Contents: Kris D. Gutiérrez: Foreword. Historicizing Literacy - Mollie V. Blackburn/Caroline T. Clark: Introduction. Making Local and Global Connections in Literacy Research for Political Action - Mollie V. Blackburn/Caroline T. Clark: Bridging the Local/Global Divide: Theorizing Connections Between Global Issues and Local Action - Adrienne Dixson/David Bloome: Jazz, Critical Race Theories, and the Discourse Analysis of Literacy Events in Classrooms - Gloria Jacobs: Locating the Local: Developing Methodology for Problematizing the Construction of Context - JoBeth Allen: «So...» - Stephanie Power Carter: «Inside Thing»: Negotiating Race and Gender in a High School British Literature Classroom - Catherine Compton-Lilly: Forms of Reading Capital: Learning from One GED Family - Suzanne de Castell/Jennifer Jenson: No Place Like Home: Sexuality, Community, and Identity Among Street-Involved Queer and Questioning Youth - Erica Rosenfeld Halverson: Listening to the Voices of Queer Youth: The Dramaturgical Process as Identity Exploration - Kevin M. Leander/Steven Mills: Transnational Development of an Online Role Player Game by Youth - Glynis O'Garro Joseph/Garrett Albert Duncan: Language, Literacy, and Love: The Denial and Restoration of Coevalness at an Urban Elementary School - Gerald Campano/James S. Damico: Doing the Work of Social Theorists: Children Enacting Epistemic Privilege as Literacy Learners and Teachers - Ernest Morrell: Critical Literacy and Popular Culture in Urban Education: Toward a Pedagogy of Access and Dissent - Gustave Weltsek/Carmen Medina: In Search of the Glocal Through Process Drama - Carol D. Lee: Afterword. Literacy Research as Political Action.

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