Displacing Place

Mobile Communication in the Twenty-first Century
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Sharon Kleinman
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Displacing Place: Mobile Communication in the Twenty-first Century addresses the innovative, unanticipated, and far-reaching ways that mobile information and communication technologies (ICTs) are altering how we work, play, and relate to one another. This extraordinary collection of new essays by leading scholars and professionals from a range of disciplines reveals the effects, implications, and future of mobile communication in a reader-friendly balance of theoretical and empirical chapters. Displacing Place is a vital book for students, scholars, professionals, and all readers interested in social and technological trends in the twenty-first century.
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Contents: Sharon Kleinman: Introduction - Gary Gumpert/Susan J. Drucker: Mobile Communication in the Twenty-first Century or «Everybody, Everywhere, at Any Time» - Harvey Jassem: Municipal Wi-Fi Comes to Town - Gene Burd: Mobility in Mediapolis: Will Cities Be Displaced, Replaced, or Disappear? - Yvonne Houy: Living and Loving in the Metro/Electro Polis: Understanding the Neurobiology of Attachments in a Society with Ubiquitous Mobile Information and Communication Technologies - Julie Newman: Displacing Place with Obsolete Information and Communication Technologies - Matthew Williams: Cyber-crime on the Move - Julian Kilker: Breaking Free: The Shaping and Resisting of Mobility in Personal Information and Communication Technologies - Jarice Hanson/Bryan Baldwin: Mobile Culture: Podcasting as Public Media - Richard Olsen: Reach out and Download Something: An Analysis of Cell Phone and Cell Phone Plan Advertisements - Calvert Jones/Patricia Wallace: Networks Unleashed: Mobile Communication and the Evolution of Networked Organizations - Keith J. Ruskin: Medical Communication: Improving Patient Safety in the Operating Room and Critical Care Unit - Penny A. Leisring: Therapy at a Distance: Information and Communication Technologies and Mental Health - Gary Pandolfi: But You Don't Play with the Mobile Information and Communication Technologies You Already Have: An Instructional Technologist's View of Teaching with Technology in Higher Education - Andrew Smith: Pumping up the Pace: The Wireless Newsroom - Sharon Kleinman: Conclusion: Anytime, Any Place: Mobile Information and Communication Technologies in the Culture of Efficiency.

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