Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility

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Marc Lamont Hill
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Media, Learning, and Sites of Possibility provides new insights into the relationships between youth, pedagogy, and media, and points to unexamined possibilities for teaching, learning, and ethnographic research that emerge when media - including computer technologies, photography, popular music, and film - become central features of learning spaces that youth occupy. Through six empirically driven essays, all written by new scholars in the fields of literacy, media, technology, and youth culture, this book surveys a variety of learning environments, methodological approaches, and forms of media engagement.
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Contents: Katherine Schultz: Foreword - Lalitha Vasudevan/Marc Lamont Hill: Moving Beyond Dichotomies of Media Engagement in Education: An Introduction - Kelly K. Wissman: «This Is What I See»: (Re)envisioning Photography as a Social Practice - Jeanine M. Staples: «Are We Our Brothers' Keepers?»: Exploring the Social Functions of Reading in the Life of an African American Urban Adolescent - Leif Gustavson: Influencing Pedagogy through the Creative Practices of Youth - Rachel E. Nichols: «Kind of Like Emerging from the Shadows»: Adolescent Girls as Multiliteracy Pedagogues - Korina M. Jocson: Situating the Personal in Digital Media Production - Heather M. Pleasants: Negotiating Identity Projects: Exploring the Digital Storytelling Experiences of Three African American Girls. Responses by: Katie Hyde - Valerie Kinloch - Renee Hobbs - Audra Price - Greg Dimitriadis - Decoteau J. Irby - Michele Knobel - Rebekah Buchanan - Anne Burns - Vivian L. Gadsden - Glynda Hull - Iris Dixon Taylor.

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