Building the European Research Area

Socio-Economic Research in Practice
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Michael Kuhn
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The internationalisation of social phenomena, in general, and the emergence of a European society and the ever-tighter integration of European nation states within the context of the European Union, in particular, are challenging international social science research. Knowledge about the implications of a transnational research approach for the practice of social research is still poor. This book sheds light on the experiences and challenges of a new international social research approach based on empirical data about European transnational socio-economic research projects - which were conducted under the European Union's social science research programmes, featuring transnational, interdisciplinary, and applied or policy relevant social research. Building the European Research Area also presents considerations and recommendations regarding how to establish social sciences research infrastructures scaffolding transnational research in Europe.
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Contents: Michael Kuhn/Svend Otto Remøe: Introduction - Svend Otto Remøe: Adding Value over Time: Some Notes on the Developments in the European Dimension of Socio-Economic Research in EU Framework Programmes - Michael Kuhn/Lidia Greco/Doris Weidemann: The 'EU-Dimension' Project - Methods and Research Design - Michael Kuhn/Doris Weidemann: Reinterpreting Transnationality - European Transnational Socio-economic Research in Practice - Doris Weidemann/Michael Kuhn: Speaking the Same Language? Lingua Franca Communication in European Social Science Research Collaboration - Aaron Benavot/Sabine Erbes-Seguin/Sky Gross: Interdisciplinarity in EU-Funded Social Science Projects - Lidia Greco/Paolo Landri/Massimo Tomassini/James Wickham: The Development of Policy Relevance in European Social Research - Michael Kuhn/Svend Otto Remøe: Knowledge Accumulation Patterns in European Social Research - Michael Kuhn/Svend Otto Remøe: Challenges for European Socio-economic Research - Michael Kuhn/Svend Otto Remøe: Implications for the European Socio-Research Area.

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