Towards a Knowledge Based Economy?

Knowledge and Learning in European Educational Research
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Michael Kuhn
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Although educational research advocates the perspective of the learner, who or what is it advocating against? The governments of all European Union countries give learning the most prominent place on their policy agendas; the European Commission wants Europe to become a knowledge based society; companies across the European Union are no longer interested primarily in profit, but want to be learning organisations; social scientists detect the emergence of a learning society and economists advocate a learning economy. What does European educational research do, if nowadays everybody in the European Union wants nothing else but knowledgeable people?
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Contents: Michael Kuhn: European Educational Research - Contributions to the Discourse about the EU as a 'Knowledge Based Society' - Michael Kuhn: The 'Learning Economy' - The Theoretical Domestication of Knowledge and Learning for Global Competition - Ronald G. Sultana: Concepts of Knowledge and Learning in Findings of FRP 4 and 5 Projects - Richard Edwards: Intellectual Technologies in the Constitution of Learning Societies - Massimo Tomassini: Knowledge, Learning and Competencies in Organisations: Lessons from Projects under 4th and 5th Framework Programmes - Nick Boreham: The Knowledge Economy, Work Process Knowledge and the Learning Citizen - Central but Vulnerable - Catherine Casey: Work and Workers in the Learning Economy: Conceptions, Critique, Implications - Gabriele Laske: The Subject and Work Related Identity - P. Robert-Jan Simons: Learning and ICT in the Learning Economy/Learning Society - M. Beatrice Ligorio: CSCL Contributions to the E-Learning Economy - Andreas Kollias/Kathy Kikis: Developing Synergies among Researchers and Teachers to Support ICT-related School Teaching and Learning Innovations.

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