The Authority to Imagine

The Struggle toward Representation in Dissertation Writing
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Noreen B. Garman
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In this book, scholar-practitioners offer alternatives to the traditional five-chapter thesis format. As authors of meritorious and award-winning dissertations, they provide insights into the challenging process of crafting interpretive methods of dissertation inquiry. In addition, they relate their struggles to claim for themselves the authority to imagine creative representations of their research. Faculty and students who are looking for theoretic principles as well as good examples of interpretive dissertations will find this book invaluable.
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Contents: Janet L. Miller: Foreword. A Reaching Out for Meanings - Maria Piantanida/Noreen B. Garman: Preface - Noreen B. Garman: Imagining an Interpretive Dissertation: Voice, Text, and Representation - Lynn Altman Richards: Pictures in My Mind: Viewing Images of Dissertation Authorities through Process Drama and Narrative Inquiry - Micheline Stabile: Problematizing Educational Inclusion through Heuristic Inquiry - JoVictoria Nicholson-Goodman: Confronting Authority and Self: Social Cartography and Curriculum Theorizing for Uncertain Times - Pamela Krakowski: A Search for Balance: Representing a Narrative Pedagogy - Robin E. Grubs: Reimagining Grounded Theory: Moving toward an Interpretive Stance - Marilyn Llewellyn: Embracing a Language of Spiritual Inquiry - Kathleen M. Ceroni: Coming to Know through the Text of Talk: From Interviews to Inner Views Storied to Interpretation - Wendy M. Milne: Imagining Reflective Artmaking: Claiming Self as Artist-Teacher-Researcher - Cynthia A. Tananis: Imagining in the Forest Dark: The Jouney of an Epistemorph in the Land of Ologies - Marjorie Barrett Logsdon: Writing Essays: Minding the Personal and Theoretic - Maria Piantanida: Speculations on the Personal Essay as a Mode of Curriculum Inquiry - Patricia L. McMahon: Narrative Yearnings: Reflecting in Time through the Art of Fictive Story - Maria Piantanida/Noreen B. Garman: Afterword: Envisioning Complicated Conversation at the Table.

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