Religion and Sexuality

Passionate Debates
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C. K. Robertson
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Issues of religion and sexuality elicit passionate debate, as witnessed in the well-researched, provocative essays contained in this volume. Cutting-edge scholars representing radically different traditions and positions wrestle with controversial and even taboo subjects in modern American culture. Oral sex, polygamy, homosexuality, and clergy celibacy and boundaries are addressed as editor C. K. Robertson facilitates a lively conversation that will be of interest to students of religion and popular culture or anyone wishing to explore what is on- and off-limits in today's increasingly pluralistic, yet strongly spiritual, society.
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Contents: C. K. Robertson: Imagination and Innuendo: An Introduction - Douglas C. Mohrmann: Is Anyone Listening? The Waning Voice of the Bible in Sexual Ethics - B. J. Oropeza: What Is Sex? Christians and Erotic Boundaries - Georgia A. Newman: Woman's Place or Women's Spaces: Intertwining History, Herstory, and Christianity - David D. Peck: The Lord Gave, and the Lord Hath Taken Away: A History of Mormon Polygamy - Douglas MacLeod: The Oppressed Self: Desire, Sexuality, and Religious Cinema - John W. Gamble: Out of Bounds: The Clergy and Sexual Boundaries - Deborah Vess: Eunuchs for the Kingdom: The Origin and Discipline of Clerical Celibacy - Lesley A. Northrup: Homosexuality in the Evolution of American Christianity - Philip Culbertson: Mothers and Their Golden Sons: Exploring a Theology of Narcissism - C. K. Robertson: Conclusion - I'm Okay, You're a Heretic: Sex as Power and Threat.

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