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Frames, Borders, Limits - Interdisciplinary Perspectives
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Leslie Boldt-Irons
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74, Studies on Themes and Motifs in Literature

Images and Imagery: Frames, Borders, Limits - Interdisciplinary Perspectives is a collection of essays by scholars from around the world exploring the complex interactions between literary texts and visual images (in the form of paintings, photographs, and films). Giving coherence to these wide-ranging contributions is the theme of frames, borders, and limits. The eighteen authors, each from a particular point of view, examine works that reach beyond the limits, both cognitive and expressive, of any single mode of expression.
Exklusives Verkaufsrecht für: Gesamte Welt.
Contents: David Escoffery: Dada Performance and the Rhetoric of Nonsense: Tearing Down the Fourth Wall at the Cabaret Voltaire - Gary Genosko: Phatic (Dys)functions: The Shifting Contour of the TV Screen - Elizabeth K. Menon: Web Installation Art, Interactivity and «User Connectivity» - Sarah Lippert: Gustave Moreau and the Paragone: A Painter's Challenge to a New Breed of Art Critic - John Picchione: Poetry and Visual Practices in Italy: Aesthetic and Ideological Subversions - Karen Ware: Frank O'Hara's Oranges: The Relations between Poetry, Painting and Painters - Lourdes Bates: Fantasies of Modernity in Mid-Century Mexico - Laurence Petit: «Truth in Framing»: Medusa's Defeat or the Triumph of the «Framed» Self in A.S. Byatt's Medusa's Ankles - Gyllian Raby: From Pre-Luddites to the Human Genome Project: Smashing Frames in Shelagh Stephenson's An Experiment with an Air Pump - Jaime Bihlmeyer: Novel, Script, Image: A Case Study of the Phallic (M)other in Mainstream Culture - Cy-Thea Sand: «Under the Promise of Bark»: Erotic Power in Emily Carr's Self-Portrait (1938-1939) - Cristina Santos: The Monstrous Representation of Women in the Mexican Cultural Imaginary - Maria Beaudoin: Creating a «Maxx»imum Narratology: The Maxx, Comic Books, and Narrative Theory - Michela Meschini: Rewriting Las Meninas: Imagery and Textuality in Antonio Tabucchi's Il gioco del rovescio - Christina Wallace: Intersecting Blake: Rereading The Marriage of Heaven and Hell - Faith Balisch: Lynn Johnston's «Theratoons»: Extending the Limits of the Comic Strip - Patrick Lennon: Depiction and Destruction: W.G. Sebald's Realism - Judith Levy: Between Presence and Absence: Caravaggio's The Supper at Emmaus.

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