The Gospel According to Superheroes

Religion and Popular Culture
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B. J. Oropeza
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The Gospel According to Superheroes: Religion and Popular Culture offers an intriguing look at superheroes in light of the spiritual and mythological roles they play in our lives. B. J. Oropeza takes you through the adventuresome quest of three comic book eras as you read about the popular narratives of superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Wonder Woman, the Fantastic Four, sci-fi film heroes, pulp heroes, antiheroes, and more. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in viewing the superheroes as both sinners and saints instead of mere good guys taking on the forces of evil.
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Contents: Stan Lee: Foreword - B. J. Oropeza: Introduction: Superhero Myth and the Restoration of Paradise - Ken Schenck: Superman: A Popular Culture Messiah - C. K. Robertson: The True Übermensch: Batman as Humanistic Myth - Elizabeth J. Danna: Wonder Woman Mythology: Heroes from the Ancient World and Their Progeny - Robert G. Weiner: «Okay, Axis, Here We Come!» Captain America and Superhero Teams from World War II and the Cold War - Scott Rosen: Gods and Fantastic Mortals: The Superheroes of Jack Kirby - B. J. Oropeza: «Behold! The Hero has Become Like One of Us.» The Perfectly Imperfect Spider-Man - Robin J. Dugall: Running from or Embracing the Truth Inside You? Bruce Banner and the Hulk as a Paradigm for the Inner Self - B. J. Oropeza: The God-Man Revisited: Christology Through the Blank Eyes of the Silver Surfer - Tim Perry: Mutants that Are All Too Human: The X-Men, Magneto, and Original Sin - Thom Parham: Superheroes in Crisis: Postmodern Deconstruction and Reconstruction in Comics Books and Graphic Novels - Gregory Pepetone: Pulp Heroes in the Shadow of God - Leo Partible: Superheroes in Film and Pop Culture: Silhouettes of Redemption on the Screen - James F. McGrath: Neo: Messianic Superhero of The Matrix - B. J. Oropeza: Conclusion: Superheroes in God's Image.

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