Casting Gender

Women and Performance in Intercultural Contexts
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Laura Lengel
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7, Critical Intercultural Communication Studies

Casting Gender puts forward a vision of theatre, storytelling, and the performance of the everyday function within the lived spaces of its performers and audiences, asking how women artists/scholars embody meaning, carry social value, and constitute possible identities. Drawing on scholarship in intercultural communication, performance studies, women's studies, and cultural studies, this collection of new, critically informed research advances our understanding of how theater works as intercultural communication and as a vehicle for change. Casting Gender offers varied locations and sites of research, highlighting the rich diversity of women's cultural identities, roles, and societal positions. This book moves beyond the western-centered nature of intercultural performance and intercultural communication theory and practice by creating a forum for nonwestern voices.
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Contents: Dawn Chatty: Foreword - Laura Lengel/John T. Warren: Introduction: Casting Gender - E.J. Westlake: Theoretical Foundations and Intercultural Performance: (Re)Writing Nations on the Margins - Mimi Gisolfi D'Aponte: Native Women Playwrights: Cultural Historians, Revolutionary Healers - Denise A. Menchaca: Fragments of Memory: Shadowboxing the Hyphen in Border Territory - Jewel Seehaus-Fisher: Maximum Intensity: Intercultural Performances of Doing Time - Susan Hawthorne: Australia's Performing Older Women's Circus - Leesha Marie Thrower: A Cultural Performance of «Good» and «Bad»: A Black «Hair-Story» - Alison M. Phipps: Breaking Frames and Burning Witches: From Local German Women to Intercultural Theatre - Elizabeth Whitney: When White Girls Act Black: Reconsidering Performances of Otherness - Helen Iball: Taking Ownership of 'Her indoors': Performativity as a Theatrical Dis-location of the British 'Housewife' - Amy K. Kilgard: Directing Performances of Border Crossing: An Allegory of Turnst(y)les - Marina Griznic: Feminism and Performances in the Territory of ex-Yugoslavia - John T. Warren/Laura Lengel: Casting into the Future.

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