Culture and the Condom

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Karen Anijar
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10, Complicated Conversation

In the last decade of the twentieth century, the «safe sex» message - advocating the use of condoms to prevent pregnancy and curb the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases - has endured relentless attacks by conservative religious groups who seek to instill doubt and promote an abstinence-only theme in American public schools. The essays in this book provide a stimulating historical and cultural inquiry into the multiplicity of meanings attributed to one prophylactic: the condom. Given the vast array of sexual attitudes toward condom usage within American culture and around the world, Culture and the Condom will provoke readers into examining significant dominant discourses and alternative perspectives by viewing condoms through the lens of cinematic and television imagery, artistic representations, statistical analyses, commercial advertising, and animation.
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Contents: Peter McLaren: Foreword - Karen Anijar: Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Christians, Condoms, Curriculum, and Apocalyptic Sexuality - Thuy DaoJensen: When Condoms Go Bad: From Safe Sex to Five Microns to Killer Condom - Jessamyn Neuhaus: Queer Eye on the Straight Guy's Condoms - Mary M. Dalton: Making Condoms Transgressive: South Park and «Proper Condom Use» - Chris Bell: Don't Avoid or Make Void the Topic - James H. Sanders: Exchanging Fluid Discourses of Social Dis-ease: Visual Cultural Studies as Prophylactic Praxis as Rough Trade - Michael J. Nanna: Condoms, Penis Size, and Statistics: One Size Definitely Does Not Fit All! - Mark Lipton: The Condom in History: Shame and Fear - Devon C. Adams: Stiff Competition: A Thrust for Condom Education - Charla Triplett: Engineering the Condom - Dacia Charlesworth: Sanctioned Discourse: Women, Condoms, and HIV/AIDS in Early 1990s Government Brochures - Janis Faye Hutchinson: Female Identity and the Construction of Condom Use Among Young African-American Women - Thuy DaoJensen: Latex Condom Fashions - Vern L. Bullough: The Condom King - Ahmed Afzal: Family Planning and Male Friendships: Sathi Condom and Same-Sex Sexual Desire Among Men in Pakistan - Jill Scott: The Colors of the Condom: Benetton's Seductive Images - Angelika Foerst: Condom Flowers.

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