Thinking with James Carey

Essays on Communications, Transportation, History
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Jeremy Packer
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James Carey is arguably the founder of the critical cultural study of communication and media in the United States. This volume brings together top communication and media scholars to revisit and engage key themes in Carey's groundbreaking work. This lively assortment of cutting-edge research provides a timely overview of Carey's impact on current scholarship in communication, cultural studies, and U.S. history. Also included is a wide-ranging two-part interview by Lawrence Grossberg in which Carey discusses his intellectual biography, revisits his classic essays, and argues for the urgent need for democratically motivated scholarship in the contemporary United States.
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Contents: Jeremy Packer/Craig Robertson: Introduction - James Carey in Conversation with Lawrence Grossberg, Part 1: From New England to Illinois. The Invention of (American) Cultural Studies - James Hay: Between Cultural Materialism and Spatial Materialism: James Carey's Writing about Communication - Chris Russill: For a Pragmatist Perspective on Publics: Advancing Carey's Cultural Studies through John Dewey...and Michel Foucault?! - Jeremy Packer: Rethinking Dependency: New Relations of Transportation and Communication - Gretchen Soderlund: Communication Scholarship as Ritual: An Examination of James Carey's Cultural Model of Communication - Jonathan Sterne: Transportation and Communication: Together as You've Always Wanted Them - John Durham Peters: Technology and Ideology: The Case of the Telegraph Revisited - John Nerone: The Public and the Party Period - Craig Robertson: A Ritual of Verification? The Nation, the State, and the U.S. Passport - James Carey in Conversation with Lawrence Grossberg, Part 2: Configurations of Culture, History, and Politics.

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