Unseen Genders

Beyond the Binaries
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Felicity Haynes
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Transsexuals, homosexuals, lesbians, cross dressers, and transgender and intersex persons share an invisibility in their performativities in, through, and across male or female stereotypes. This book explores the pathologizing effects of binary assumptions of sex and gender, of male and female. The first section of this book presents narratives from homosexuals, lesbians, cross dressers, transsexuals, and transgender and intersex persons from a range of cultures. The second addresses ways of recognizing these marginalized groups while the third suggests reconstructing gender theory beyond the binaries to allow celebration of multidimensional and contextual gender identities.
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Contents: Felicity Haynes: Introduction - Delphine McFarlane: Unseen Genders: Looking for the Orlando Effect - Chris Somers/Felicity Haynes: Intersex: Beyond the Hidden A-Genders - Michael A. 'Miqqi Alicia' Gilbert: A Sometime Woman: Gender Choice and Cross-Socialization - Adrianne Dana-Tabet: Making a Transgenderist: The Construction of Gender Identity in Boston and Amsterdam - Jamison Green: The Art and Nature of Gender - Tarquam McKenna: Enactments of Difference - Wayne Martino/Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli: Gender Performativity and Normalizing Practices - Richard Ekins/Dave King: Tales of the Unexpected: Exploring Transgender Diversity through Personal Narrative - Katherine Johnson: Studying Transsexual Identity - Surya Monro: Gender Love and Gender Freedom - Sam Dylan More: Gender as (Native) Language - Ashley Tauchert: Beyond the Binary: Fuzzy Gender and the Radical Center - Lee Anderson Brown: Fractured Masks: Voices from the Shards of Language - Tarquam McKenna: Conclusion.

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