Ghosts in the Machine

Women's Voices in Research with Technology
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Nicola Yelland
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10, Eruptions: New Feminism Across the Disciplines

Ghosts in the Machine examines the complex relationships between gender and information and communication technologies (ICT). Written by women in four countries on three continents, it discusses the educational, social, artistic, and political implications of a feminine voice in the design of technology. The research presented here explores the «gendering of technology» and, in doing so, describes the Internet, computer games, computer-based design and construction environments, and digital art from a perspective that puts the social context in a key role. As the rate of technology design continues to grow, it is imperative that books such as this provide an alternate voice to the prevailing descriptions of technology use. Ghosts in the Machine brings women's voices out of the shadows to the forefront where they belong.
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Contents: Karen Littleton/Celia Hoyles: The Gendering of Information Technology - Katie McMillan Culp/Margaret Honey: Imagining Less-Gendered Game Worlds - Elizabeth Bullen/Jane Kenway: Who's Afraid of a Mouse? - Grrrls, Information Technology and Educational Pleasures - Cornelia Brunner/Dorothy Bennett: The Feminization of Technology - Zoë Sofia: Women Artists and Their Relations to Technologies - Laurie D. Edwards: Learning by Design: Environments that Support Girls' Learning with Technology - Nicola Yelland: Shades of Gray: Creating a Vision of Girls and Computers - Cynthia Carter Ching/Yasmin B. Kafai/Sue K. Marshall: «I Always Get Stuck with the Books»: Creating Space for Girls to Access Technology in a Software Design Project - Michele Evard: Tia and the Virtual Expert - Maria Klawe/Kori Inkpen/Eileen Phillips/Rena Upitis/Andee Rubin: E-GEMS: A Project on Computer Games, Mathematics and Gender.

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