Making a Difference in the Lives of Bilingual/Bicultural Children

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Lourdes Diaz Soto
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.134, Counterpoints

As the conservative political mood of our nation eliminates programs for the increasing numbers of bilingual children, educators are nevertheless expected to teach linguistically and culturally diverse learners with limited background knowledge and resources. This edited volume challenges «mainstream» educators to critically examine how to best meet the needs of bilingual/bicultural children in contemporary America.
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Contents: Peter McLaren: Foreword - Lourdes Díaz Soto: Introduction: The Political, the Dialogic, and the Critical - Haroon Kharem/Leila E. Villaverde: Teacher Allies: The Problem of the Color Line - Ryan Moser: Bilingual Abolitionists: Shadows of Facism - Propaganda of the Third Reich and the English-Only Movement - Lyudmila Bryzzheva: From Vygotsky to Bakhtin: Grand Theories and Teaching Practices - Colin Lankshear/Michele Knobel: Doom or Mortal Kombat? Bilingual Literacy in the «Mainstream» Classroom - Ladislaus M. Semali: The Case of Repressed Native or Indigenous Languages - Richard De Gourville: What's Policy Gotta Do Wit Dis? - Cathy Gutierrez-Gomez: Golden Eagle Goes to Kindergarten - Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto: Are Schools Prepared to Support Excellence for Nonmainstream Children? Latino/a Voices as a Response - Irene Pabon: A Life Span / Toda Una Vida: The Pain and the Struggle That Will Strike / El Dolor y la Lucha que Embiste - Lynus Yamuna: My Story and the Melanesian Knowledge - Rebecca Blum-Martínez: Parents as Guardians of the Mother Tongue - María de la Luz Reyes/Lisa Costanzo: On the Threshold of Biliteracy: A First-Grader's Personal Journey - Jofen Wu Han/Gisela Ernst-Slavit: Here They Come: Creating Rich Language-Learning Environments for Chinese-Speaking Kindergarten Students - Jocelynn Smrekar: Early Childhood Bilingual Classrooms - María E. Fránquiz: Caring Literacy and Identity Struggles: The Transformation of a Chicano Student - Jim Cummins: Rights and Responsibilities of Educators of Bilingual / Bicultural Children.

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