Cross Cultural Convergences in the Crusader Period

Essays Presented to Aryeh Grabois on his Sixty-Fifth Birthday
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Michael Goodich
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This book contains a collection of essays in honor of Aryeh Grabois, Professor of Medieval history at the University of Haifa. These essays are devoted to such medieval themes as interfaith relations, the Crusades, Jewish history and feudal monarchies, all areas in which A. Grabois has himself forged new directions in research. Among the contributors are David Abulafia, Elizabeth Brown, Franco Cardini, John Cowdrey, Ivonne Friedman, Jeannine Horowitz, Jacques Le Goff, Ilana Lourie, Jean Richard, Jonathan Riley-Smith, Kenneth Stow, and Avrom Saltman. Aryeh Grabois is a Professor of Medieval History at the University of Haifa. His vast erudition and learning have enriched students and scholars in many areas of medieval studies. Among the institutions with which he has been associated are the University of California at Berkeley, the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, the École des Hautes Études, Paris, the University of Mainz and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Among his books are Civilisation et Société dans l'Occident Médiéval, (1983); Les Sources hébraïques du Moyen Age (Typologie des sources du Moyen Age Occidental), vol.1 (1988), vol.2 (1993).
Contents: David Abulafia: Trade and Crusade 1050-1250 - Elizabeth A. R. Brown: A Sixteenth-Century Defense of Saint Louis' Crusades: Etienne le Blanc and the Legacy of Louis IX - Franco Cardini: Note per una preistoria dell'esotismo nella Firenze medievale - H.E.J. Cowdrey: Peter, Monk of Molesme and Prior of Jully - Yvonne Friedman: Women in Captivity and their Ransom during the Crusader Period - Michael Goodich: A Chapter in the History of the Christian Theology of Miracle: Engelbert of Admont's (ca. 1250-1331) Expositio super Psalmum and De miraculis Christi - Jeannine Horowitz: Quand les Champenois parlaient le Grec: La Morée franque au XIIIe siècle, un bouillon de culture - Elena Lourie: Cultic Dancing and Courtly Love: Jews and Popular Culture in Fourteenth Century Aragon and Valencia - Sophia Menache: Rewriting the History of the Templars According to Matthew Paris - Joshua Prawer: The Venetians in Crusader Acre - Jean Richard: Le siège de Damas dans l'histoire et dans la légende - Jonathan Riley-Smith: Early Crusaders to the East and the Costs of Crusading, 1095-1130 - Avrom Saltman: Barcelona Cathedral MS 64 and the Hebraica Veritas - Sylvia Schein: The Miracula of the Hospital of St. John and the Carmelite Elianic Tradition - Two Medieval Myths of Foundation? - Joseph Shatzmiller: Jewish Converts to Christianity in Medieval Europe 1200-1500 - Kenneth R. Stow: By Land or by Sea: The Passage of the Kalonymides to the Rhineland in the Tenth Century.

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