Mapping the Landscape

Essays in Australian and New Zealand Christianity- Festschrift in Honour of Professor Ian Breward
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Susan Emilsen
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193, American University Studies

Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, sometimes grouped together as Australasia, are lands in which Christianity sits in a remarkable awkwardness. This landmark volume, which includes contributions by Australia's and New Zealand's leading historians and theologians, explores the way that Christianity has made a home «down under.» Individual essays provide case studies in history, biography, missiology, theology, literature, and hymnody. This work also includes broad-ranging scholarly debate on gospel and culture, on the nature of history, and on the differing claims of contextual and non-contextual theologies. Mapping the Landscape: Essays in Australian and New Zealand Christianity honours the distinguished Australasian historian, Professor Ian Breward, who for over thirty-five years has taken a pre-eminent position in «mapping» the religious landscapes of Australia and New Zealand.
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Contents: Susan Emilsen/William W. Emilsen: Introduction: Mapping the Landscape - Muriel Porter: Ian Breward: an Australasian life - Lawrence D. McIntosh: Bibliography of the Writings of Ian Breward - Hilary M. Carey: «Attempts and Attempts»: Responses to Failure in Pre- and Early Victorian Missions to the Australian Aborigines - William W. Emilsen: The Origins of the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress - Denham Grierson: History as Narrative Fiction - David Hilliard: Australian Anglicanism and the Radical Sixties - Christiaan Mostert: Is a Non-contextual Theology Viable? - Lawrence Nemer: Sydney: A «Mission Station» of New Guinea - Stuart Piggin: Jesus in Australian History and Culture - Roger C. Thompson: Pastor Extraordinaire: A Portrait of Hector Harrison - John Tonkin: Anglican Inclusiveness in Action: James Richard Payne as Dean of Perth, 1962-1968 - Allan K. Davidson: New Zealand History and Religious Myopia - Graeme Ferguson: Chunuk Bair and the Search for Identity - Colin Gibson: Mapping the New Zealand Landscape: A Survey of the Hymnic Tradition - Peter Matheson: The Contours of Christian Theology in Aotearoa New Zealand - Sarah Mitchell: Inhabiting the Landscape: Community Based Ministry Training in Aotearoa New Zealand 1991-1999 - Ruth Page: Culture and Gospel - Clive Pearson: Christ and Context Down Under: Mapping Trans Tasman Christologies - John Roxborogh: Mapping the Evangelical Landscape in New Zealand - Jane Simpson: Honouring Religious Diversity in New Zealand Education after the Treaty of Waitangi, 1840-1877.

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