The Politics of Curricular Change

Race, Hegemony, and Power in Education
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Christopher Brown
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As different and significant peoples have joined its population, the United States has undergone various conceptions of education - its definition, purpose, content, and pedagogy, in primary and secondary schools as well as colleges and universities - and education for the twenty-first century will require curricular change. The quest for an inclusive curriculum - and the politics involved in that quest - is the continuing pursuit of a strategem that both acknowledges and utilizes the racially, ethnically, politically, economically, and linguistically diverse groups, along with the dominant majority, in order to support and maintain diversity, tolerance, and, ultimately, community. The Politics of Curricular Change fills an important void in the existing literature on the relationship of multicultural curricular change to race, hegemony, and power as independent constructs. Given the scant amount of research on how these constructs serve as facilitators of curricular change, this book is timely in its reassessment of the requirements of multiculturalism, and will appeal to national- and state-level policy makers, higher education officials, administrators, faculty, researchers, and the national citizenry.
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Contents: M. Christopher Brown II: Telling the Truth...AGAIN: Another Introduction - David M. Stovall: A Sociological Treatise on the Racialized Context of American Education - Christopher M. Span: Learning in Spite of Opposition: African Americans and their History of Education Exclusion in Antebellum America - Roderic R. Land: Toward the Study of Blackness: The Development of a Field of Inquiry - Marvin Lynn: Reflecting Black: Maintaining a Politics of Opposition in Academe - Jamel K. Donnor: Racialized Technology: Computers, Commodification, and «Cyber-race» - Roderic R. Land: Wounded (Soul)diers in the Classroom: Qualifying the Black Teacher's Experience - Dianne Smith: Weaving a Womanist Discourse to Unravel White Male Privilege in the Classroom - André J. Branch: Practicing Multicultural Education: Answering Recurring Questions About What It Is (Not) - M. Christopher Brown II/RoSusan D. Bartee: African American Students in the Desegregated P-16 Pipeline: Opportunities, Outcomes, and Value-Based Ideologies - William F. Tate: School Mathematics and African American Students: The Need to Revisit. Opportunity-to-Learn Standards - Garrett A. Duncan: Race and Change in Education: Toward a Semiotics of Curriculum - Geneva Gay: Epilogue: «The Struggle Continues».

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