The Old Saxon Language

Grammar, Epic Narrative, Linguistic Interference
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.1, Berkeley Models of Grammars

Contents: Early Cognitive Decisions; Verb Fundamental Identifying Form; Diachronic Synchrony; Linear Syntax; Pragmatic Strategies; Verb and Noun Inflection; Propositional Meaning/Valence; Graphemics; Articulatory/Acoustic Features; Suprasegmentals; Alliterative Verse; Syllable Heliand and Genesis Manuscripts; Old Saxon Speech Area; Interference; Old Saxon Phonemes Nonlinear Syntax; Derivation/Compounding; Latin Prefaces; Selected Old Saxon, Old High German, Old English Readings and Glossaries; Glossary of Technical Terms.
This book, the first grammar of the Old Saxon language written in English, is self-contained with its inclusion of selected readings from the Heliand epic and appropriate comparative readings from two interference dialects, Old High German and Old English. It introduces the reader, regardless of degree of linguistic training, to the basic structure of a Germanic dialect. As a diachronic synchrony (variation and change within the Old Saxon time frame), The Old Saxon Language is largely dictated by cognitive strategies needed to unravel semantically a sentence or larger piece of discourse. A semantic focus pervades the entire grammar, which proceeds in the best Berkeley tradition of prompting the student to mingle intellectually with researching faculty. Thus, many of the most sophisticated research problems surrounding the study of Old Saxon are addressed.

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