Rosary, Mat and Molo

A Study in the Spiritual Epic of Omar Seku Tal
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Oumarou Watta
480 g
236x158x20 mm
.135, American University Studies

This is the first scholarly analysis of the literary oral text of the epic of the Torobe Elhadj Omar Tal. Offered in this book is an original translation from the Zarma-Songhay of the Niger Republic along with four critical chapters of in-depth study of the spiritual and theological changes that gave rise to such a text. This work may well be considered the first of its kind on the African continent dealing directly with a text that evolved within its own cultural and historical context. It will give its readers significant insight into the birth and spread of Islam in West Africa, and the reactive quests of local gods and theologies. Oneness and plurality of God are seen as catalysts of histories. Dr. Watta, as this work shows, once again spearheads African scholarship as did the intellectuals C.A. Diop and W. Soyinka in History and Literature respectively. He furthers his long-held mandate to inspire increased appreciation of African cultures.

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