Law and the Human Sciences

Edited by Roberta Kevelson
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Roberta Kevelson
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.3, Semiotics and the Human Sciences

The human sciences, says Foucault, are those inquiries about 'man' as the two-faced one. The 'object and knower of knowledge,' refers to 'man' whose heads look in and out rather than left and right at past and future. Although Foucault is primarily concerned with relations of abstract power rather than human interpersonal relations, the idea of the human sciences - the 'immature sciences' - do provide an intellectual position recast as a target to hit against. A legal system which interprets and represents the value of freedom can do so only if it grows out of the free reciprocity of communicative exchange between free people. Here law functions as a link and as a pivot between possible and ideal, between physical and metaphysical.This volume of the papers presented at the Fifth Round Table on Law and Semiotics is, as is all of Legal semiotics, an investigatory tool: a discovery of legal meaning, and a means of discovery, i.e., a way of producing such evidence that may be further evaluated in judgments of Law's acts and transactions with other sign-systems in the whole sphere of social organization.

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