A Place All Our Own: Lives Entwined in a Desert Garden

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"Intertwined Lives" is the delightful tale of creating a very special garden in one of the most extreme climates in the inhabited world. Told with wit and obvious affection, it will appeal to anyone who enjoys the pleasures of gardening--and everyone who enjoys a well-told, true-life nature tale.
Autor: Mary Irish
Mary Irish is a garden writer, lecturer, and educator who lived in Arizona for 25 years. She is the author of many books, including "Gardening in the Desert" (also published by the University of Arizona Press). For more than a decade, she served as the Director of Public Horticulture at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. She has been a gardening columnist for the "Arizona Republic" newspaper and has served as a consultant on many large-scale landscaping projects. She now teaches classes and conducts workshops on a wide variety of topics in desert gardening.

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Autor: Mary Irish
ISBN-13 :: 9780816512829
ISBN: 0816512825
Erscheinungsjahr: 04.10.2012
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