The Francis Ford Coppola Encyclopedia

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Containing material on all of the films Coppola has played a role in, the entries in this encyclopedia focus on all aspects of Coppola's work and each entry is followed by a bibliography of published sources, both in print and online.
Autor: James M. Welsh, Gene D. Phillips, Rodney F. Hill
James M. Welsh is the cofounder of Literature/Film Quarterly and coeditor of The Literature/Film Reader (2007) and The Encyclopedia of Sports Films (2010), both published by Scarecrow Press. Gene D. Phillips, S.J. is the author of David Lean: Beyond the Epic (2006) and Some Like It Wilder: The Life and Controversial Films of Billy Wilder (2010). Rodney F. Hill is assistant professor of Film at Georgia Gwinnett College and coeditor of Francis Ford Coppola: Interviews (2004) and The Encyclopedia of Stanley Kubrick (2002).

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Autor: James M. Welsh
ISBN-13 :: 9780810876507
ISBN: 0810876507
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