Eugene Jolas: Critical Writings, 1924-1951

Avant-Garde and Modernism Stud
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Transitions: Paris - Berlin - New York; Eugene Jolas: Critical Essays 1924-1951 - Introduction; Remarks on the Edition; Eugene Jolas 1894-1952: A Short Biography in Key Dates; Selected Bibliography; Critical Writings; I. Rambles Through Literary Paris; II. Revolution of the Word: transition Manifestoes and History; III. The Language of the Night; IV. From Romanticism to the Avant-Garde; V. Crisis of Man and Language: Verticalist/ Vertigralist Manifestoes; VI. Literary Encounters; VII. Literature, Culture, and Politics; VIII. Across Frontiers.
Presents a collection of Eugene Jolas' works. This book includes introductions to anthologies, manifestoes like the famous Vertical, essays, some published here for the first time, on writers as various as Novalis, Trakl, the major Surrealists, and Heidegger. It is suitable for those interested in modernism, avant-garde, and multilingualism.
Autor: Eugene Jolas
Editiert von: Klaus H. Kiefer, Rainer Rumold
Eugene Jolas was born in Union City, New Jersey, in 1894 but was raised by his Franco-German parents in Lorraine. In 1927 Jolas, along with his wife Maria McDonald and Elliot Paul, founded the influential Parisian literary magazine transition. In Paris he met James Joyce and played a major part in encouraging and defending Joyce's "Work-in-Progress," later to become Finnegans Wake, a work Jolas viewed as the perfect embodiment of his manifesto. Jolas's life and career are described vividly in his autobiography, Man from Babel.

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Autor: Eugene Jolas
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ISBN: 0810125811
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