Petersburg: The Physiology of a City

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Preface; Editor's Introduction; 1. Introduction - Vissarion Belinsky; 2. Petersburg and Moscow - Vissarion Belinsky; 3. The Petersburg Yardkeeper - Vladimir Dal'; 4. The Petersburg Organgrinders - Dmitri Grigorovich; 5. The Petersburg Quarter - Evgeny Grebenka; 6. The Petersburg Corners - Nikolai Nekrasov; 7. The Alexander Theater - Vissarion Belinsky; 8. The Bureaucrat - Nikolai Nekrasov; 9. The Omnibus: Scenes from Petersburg Life - Mikhail Kul'chitsky; 10. The Literature of Petersburg - Vissarion Belinsky; 11. The Lottery Ball - Dmitri Grigorovich; 12. The Petersburg Feuilletonist - Ivan Panaev.
Presents a collection of short works forms a documentary of life in midnineteenth-century St. Petersburg. This title represents many important strands in Russian culture and history, including the development of Russian prose and the rise of the intelligentsia.
Editiert von: Nikolai Nekrasov
ワbersetzung von: Thomas Gaiton Marullo
Nikolai Nekrasov (1821-87) was a major poet, a literary entrepreneur, and a force for social reform in Russia. As a publisher, he introduced many of the great Russian writers - including Dostoevsky - and acted as a guiding spirit for the nation's revolutionaries. Thomas Gaiton Marullo is a professor of Russian and Russian literature at the University of Notre Dame. He is the author of If You See the Buddha: Studies in the Fiction of Ivan Bunin and the editor and translator of Ivan Bunin's About Chekov: An Unfinished Symphony and The Liberation of Tolstoy: A tale of Two Writers (all from Northwestern).

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Autor: Nikolai Nekrasov
ISBN-13 :: 9780810125735
ISBN: 0810125730
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