Embodiments: From the Body to the Body Politic

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Acknowledgments; Introduction; I. The Intertwining: The Recursion of the Seer and the Seen; II. Artificial Intelligence and the Phenomenology of Flesh; III. Aesthetic Education and the Project of Being Human; IV. The Intertwining of Incommensurables: Yann Martel's Life of Pi; V. Flesh and the Limits of Self-Making; VI. Violence and Embodiment; VII. Excessive Presence and the Image; VIII. Politics and Freedom; IX. Sovereignty and Alterity; X. Political Violence; XI. Public Space; XII. Sustaining the Other: Tolerance as a Positive Ideal; XIII. Forgiveness and Incarnation; End Notes; Bibliography; Index of Names.
How does the body politic reflect the nature of human embodiment? This book uses Merleau-Ponty's concept of 'intertwining' - the presence of one's self in the world and of the world in one's self - to understand the ideas that define political life.
Autor: James R. Mensch
James Mensch is a professor of philosophy at Saint Francis Xavier University in Canada. He is the author of nine books that range in content from Husserlian phenomenology to theology to the problem of otherness. He lives in Nova Scotia.

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Autor: James R. Mensch
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