Myths of Venice: The Figuration of a State

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Rosand explores the imagery that the Republic of Venice developed to represent itself as the ideal, serene state, founded with holy purpose and protected by divine favor. He argues that, Venice--more than any other political entity of the early modern period--shaped the visual imagination of political thought. This visualization of political ideals, and its reciprocal effect on the civic imagination, is the larger theme of the book. Time period: early modern period, esp. 13th-16th centuries.
Autor: David Rosand
David Rosand, Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History at Columbia University, is well known for his studies of Venetian art. His books in that field include Titian: Painting in Sixteenth-Century Venice: Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto: and The Meaning of the Mark: Leonardo and Titian.

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Autor: David Rosand
ISBN-13 :: 9780807856635
ISBN: 0807856630
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