Wild Flowers of North Carolina, 2nd Ed.

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This classic botanical handbook pairs color photographs with descriptions of twild flowers and flowering trees, shrubs, vines, herbs, and weeds found in North Carolina and many other eastern states, from Delaware to Georgia. Entries include information on habitat, range, size, months of bloom, and features for identification.
Autor: William S. Justice, C. Ritchie Bell, Anne H. Lindsey
The late William S. Justice, a well-known photographer and field botanist, practiced medicine in Asheville, North Carolina. C. Ritchie Bell, professor emeritus of botany at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and founder of the North Carolina Botanical Garden, is coauthor of Manual of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas and Florida Wild Flowers and Roadside Plants. Bell and his wife, Anne H. Lindsey, are owners of Laurel Hill Press, which produces natural history guides, videos, and DVDs.

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Autor: William S. Justice
ISBN-13 :: 9780807855973
ISBN: 0807855979
Erscheinungsjahr: 01.05.2005
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