The Myth of José Martí: Conflicting Nationalisms in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba

Envisioning Cuba (Paperback)
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Guerra analyzes the political struggle for Cuban national identity through the differing ways activist factions appropriated the words and images of Cuban patriot and writer JosAAA1/2 MartAAA1/2 (1853-1895). She argues that political violence and competing interpretations of the "social unity" proposed by MartAAA1/2 reveal conflicting visions of the nation--visions that differ in their ideological radicalism and in how they cast Cuba's relationship with the United States.
Autor: Lillian Guerra
Lillian Guerra is assistant professor of Caribbean history at Yale University. She is author of Popular Expression and National Identity in Puerto Rico: The Struggle for Self, Community, and Nation, 1898-1940 as well as two books of Spanish-language poetry.

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Autor: Lillian Guerra
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